The Walk Of Faith

We are all on a journey in this life. Each journey and life is unique. We all have different backgrounds and walks of life. Some are rich and some may be battling poverty. There are different cultures which give us all a different way of doing things. There are preferences in food and clothing.  There may also be factors that determine where you live such as family, friends, finances, and the climate. We each have separate opinions and a different perspective of things. Even though there are so many differences in each of us, we all have a couple things in common. First, we are all part of the human race. The second thing is that we have all struggled in this life one way or another. There are different problems that we encounter in this life. Some are small and some are big. Some of them may be so huge that they seem overwhelming. The small things that you think you can handle on your own, the little hurdles that you have overcome in life where everything is going great and things are going your way is not what really causes you to realize there is more to life than what you have known. What will cause you to seek help or reach out for more in life? It is those overwhelming problems, the huge hurdles that you can’t seem to get over. Why can’t you seem to get over them? It is because you cannot manage them on your own. You may need some help. We all need help once in awhile and we were never meant to live life alone. What is it that may be causing you so much turmoil in your life? Is it finances, problems in your family, or a broken relationship? These things will push you forward to get help. You must come to the place in your life where you are desperately wanting answers and are willing to seek after it. The next step is to realize that the path you have been on has taken a downward spiral and is not good. Who or what can help? Where do you go to find the answers you are looking for? There must be a new path that you take. The path must lead you to God and the truth that will set you free. It is Faith in God! The Bible says in (1John 5:4) “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world- our faith.” It is our faith in God that will overcome any obstacle, problem or hurdle that may seem overwhelming. The last part is to seek God by faith. He will help you to get the victory, overcome your problems, and to receive your answers.




Author: Restorationministry

I am currently a caregiver for my mom. I enjoy reading, listening to music and singing. I also like to write poems, lyrics to songs and have started to write some books.

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