There’s No More Distractions When You Take Time To Focus On The Lord

What are distractions? A distraction is something that takes your attention away from what you’re supposed to be doing. It is something that serves as a diversion. It is an interruption, an obstacle to concentration. It is mental turmoil, madness and confusion. It’s a great mental disturbance or distress. Distractions can start out very small and subtle to the point where you aren’t even aware of them. These distractions are part of the schemes and tactics of the enemy. The devil is very cunning in his maneuvers and that is why Christians need to have discernment from the Lord. The Holy Spirit will help you to know what is right or wrong and if something is God’s will for you or not. Some examples of distractions that the enemy will try to use as his weapons against you are: he may use stress about your finances, stress at work, or with business dealings if you own your own business. There could be stress in your family relationships. There might be strife and division at home or even in the church. Relationships are a possible distraction if you aren’t careful. You must always remember to put God first in your life. The enemy may try to throw you into confusion with a lot of people telling you there opinions, or different messages saying a lot of things that might contradict each other at times. You may not know what to do, where to turn or which way to go in your situation. Those are the times that you need to really press in to seek the Lord to know His will and plan. Your thoughts and imaginations could be distracting if you haven’t renewed your mind enough with Gods word to where you can think Gods thoughts and have godly imaginations. Being sad and depressed is another distraction because it causes you to think about yourself and your circumstances. There could also be a distraction like Martha who was distracted by the “serving”. When you do ministry work, you must be very careful and not allow yourself to become ” too” busy “serving” the Lord that you aren’t really spending quality time fellowshipping with Him. He doesn’t just want your service (works) but He wants your heart (a relationship with you). All distractions are from the enemy to try to turn you away from the Lord, your relationship with Him, His calling on your life, and His ways. You must remember and claim Gods promises that “No weapon formed against you will prosper” and the battle is the Lord’s. One day with the Lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day. God has created time here on earth. He made the sun to rule the day, the moon and stars to be lights in the night. He formed these to be for times and seasons. The bible talks about a “due season”,  a ” set time”, and “high time”. (Galatians 6:9) This scripture says not to grow weary in doing good and in due season you shall reap if you don’t lose heart. You are to persevere and don’t give up for you will receive. The due season is in Gods time not ours. He will make a way in His time. Don’t get discouraged, for you will win just don’t give up. The ” set time” is from (Psalm 102:13) and it speaks of God having mercy for the time to favor yes the set time had come. At the beginning of this chapter it is speaking of someone who is pouring out there heart to God and telling Him about his problems (which God already knows). He remembers Gods faithfulness and declares that God is going to do something. The “set time” is something that God already had preordained from the foundation of the world. He knows the exact time when something will take place. The “high time” is found in (Romans 13:11) it says that it is high time to awake out of sleep. The high time is when it is about time or even past the designated time to do something. Time is valuable. We give our time and attention to what we value most. With all of our busy schedules we must all find time, make time, and take time for the Lord. We are to put Him first in everything. We are to value Him above all else and give Him our full attention. What does it really mean to focus? When you adjust a camera lens and begin to see a clear image that means it is coming into focus. Focus is a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity, to concentrate, to direct one’s attention or efforts. Some scriptures that relate to focusing on the Lord are: (Prov.4:1,Prov.4:20,Prov.5:1, 1Tim.4:13,Heb.12:2). We need to refocus our attention on the Lord so we can see a clear picture of Gods will for our lives. We do this by giving our attention to the Word of God and allow our minds to be renewed. We can put our attention on the Lord as we are thankful to Him and remember what He has done for us. We also focus on Him when we enter into His Presence through praise and worship. Meditation and confession is another way to keep your focus on Him. You meditate by thinking deeply or carefully about something, plan mentally, consider, contemplate, reflect on or ponder over. When you confess and declare Gods promises you are calling those things to come forth and manifest in your life. This is how you release your faith. Prayer is definitely a way to focus on the Lord and draw near to Him. Prayer is simply communicating with the Lord. The most effective way to pray is according to Gods Word. Matthew 6:6 says, “go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Fathet who is in the secret place.” This is referring to closing outside distractions so you can talk with your Heavenly Father. You can really get focused on the Lord by sitting at the Lord’s Feet. You are to be still before the Lord to listen to hear His voice. This is the one thig that is necessary that Mary chose. It is in the still quiet place that you will hear His voice. This is really an extension of prayer. Prayer is communication. When you communicate with someone it is always two-sided conversations. Talking and listening to each other. All these are ways you can focus on the Lord. It will cause you to become strong and established in faith. You will be able to be more in tune with Him. You will be able to recognize, discern and to know His voice more clearly so you can follow and obey Him. You will be on course and going in the right direction. You will stay on the right path as you follow the Lord’s leading. You will be able to do what God has called you to do and you will get to where God wants you to be. As we are each focused on the Lord and His will it keeps us free and clear from the demonic weapons of distraction. We will be drawing closer to know the Lord as we walk with Him and there won’t be any more distractions as we  take time to Focus on the Lord.


Author: Restorationministry

I am currently a caregiver for my mom. I enjoy reading, listening to music and singing. I also like to write poems, lyrics to songs and have started to write some books.

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