The Lord Is Never Too Busy

I’m never too busy for I’m right by your side. Hand in hand we go, for you’re My Beloved Bride. Acquaintances and people come and go. They may let you down or be too busy for you but I will not disappoint you. I’m never going to let you down. What do you do and where do you turn when peoples words and actions say, I’m too busy for you. Turn to the Lord who is closer than a brother (or even a mother). He is our Best Friend and He says, I Am here for you. I dry your tears and calm your fears. I Am here for you, for I Am Never too busy for you.

Author: Restorationministry

I am currently a caregiver for my mom. I enjoy reading, listening to music and singing. I also like to write poems, lyrics to songs and have started to write some books.

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