The Door Of The Spirit (Devotional)

(John 10:7) “Then Jesus said to them again, Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.”

Is it door number one? Or door number two? Have you ever wanted a door to open in your life but not sure which one is the right one for you? When I say “door”, it could be a door of opportunity such as a job, the right location for a place to live, or a relationship etc. There are many different ” doors” and things that knock, but which one is right for you or for me? In John 10:7, Jesus says, that He is the door of the sheep. It continues in John 10:9,”If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. Jesus gives life and the doors that He brings will also bring forth life to you. He is a Good Shepherd to His people (His sheep) and He only wants good things for you. If you are not sure about which one is right for you, then go to the Lord to pray about it. He promises in His Word to direct your steps. Jesus is The Christ. This means, The Anointed One and His Anointing. Jesus lived and walked in The Spirit perfectly. He was completely filled, saturated with, and Anointed with Holy Spirit. He is our Perfect example. We are also to live and walk in The Spirit. Many years ago I had a vision. It was a doorway entrance but there was no door attached to it. Then I saw this really bright light shining in the doorway, which was God’s Presence, and His Glory from Holy Spirit. I then realized that it must be, The Door of His Spirit, which is by faith. So we must always seek to know Him, to know the right way and to come through the right Door of The Spirit in every area of our lives.


Lord, I ask that You direct my steps. I ask that You give me wisdom. I ask that You help me to find, and to know the right way. I ask that You help me to go through the right “doors” of the good things that You have for me. I ask that You help me to enter through The Door of Your Spirit in Jesus Name. Amen.

Author: Restorationministry

I am currently a caregiver for my mom. I enjoy reading, listening to music and singing. I also like to write poems, lyrics to songs and have started to write some books.

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