Sitting At The Masters Feet (Poem)

Martha, Martha; you are worried, worried and troubled, troubled. You have too many cares. There is only one, I say One and only one thing that is necessary that you didn’t take enough time to do, which is to Rest in Me. You are not to struggle and strive but to enter into My Presence and My Grace, for it’s not by works but by Grace. It is by grace through faith. Stop allowing other “things” to get in the way, even serving. You let serving become a distraction from Me but this was never meant to be. I must be first in your life then all the other “things” will line up under Me. I Am the Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and The End. The First and The Last. I Am to be your First and Last. Allow Me to be First in your heart and life. Come, sit at My Feet and Rest in My Presence, in My Mercy and Grace. This is an act of worship to Me and it shows your love for Me. It is then and only then that you can truly walk with Me when you fellowship with Me. You will begin to learn of Me and how to flow with My Spirit. When you take time to sit and fellowship with Me you will know how much I love and care about you. I care about everything and I will perfect that which concerns you. So come, sit at My Feet. Hear My Word, Hear Me speak My Word to you. Hear Me speak My love to you. Allow Me to love you and fill you with My loving Presence. Come, choose to fellowship with Me like your sister Mary has. This will not be taken away from those who come to Me. So come, spend time with Me. Come and fellowship with Me, says the Lord.

(Scripture references: Luke 10:41, Heb.4:3, Eph.2:8, Rev.22:13, Jer.31:3, Ps.138:8, Matt.17:5, 1 John 1:3) from the New King James Version.